LAPD removes Scientology kiosk from Hollywood police station; baffled how it got there

One of Scientology’s kiosks, normally found in one of their “Ideal Orgs” was spotting inside the Hollywood Community Police Station. When American Atheists complained that it violated the establishment clause, it was quickly removed, but LAPD is so far mum on who authorized this really bad idea in the first place.

The kiosk’s origins remain a mystery. That means a kiosk was installed in a police station with no public request to put it there, no public record of who created the display, and no public indication of who gave them a green light.

I knew Scientology thrived on secrecy, but this is just weird.

(I guess it snuck in while no one was looking?)

The close relationship between parts of the LAPD and Scientology is kind of troubling, especially with the investigation into multiple claimed rapes by a Scientologist celebrity that’s somehow stuck in the bureaucracy.


Did the Church of Scientology ever specify exactly where the galactic warlord Xenu is being held captive in an inescapable electronic prison cell? It might be worth sending in a few reps from Amnesty International just to check the station for possible victims of extrajudicial detention.


Installation of the kiosk caught on security footage:



The display was removed within 48 hours of the letter. However, in response to American Atheists’ record request, the Department stated it was unable to identify any documents or records related to the display in its possession.

Yes, I can see how something like that could just waltz in, and later waltz out, without anyone approving it and leaving a paper trail. It happens all the time.

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