Laphroaig, the go-to Islay malt, reviewed

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Laphroiag 10 - peat, wood smoke, marital discord and divorce. Pairs well with hot rod movies and passive aggression.

Sold! Is the boozemart open yet?


This video actually is from a few years back–just went viral for some reason. Wading through the Youtube comments I see he has a pretty good outlook on it now…

Cindy and I are friends to this day, but that first year after we went our separate ways was awkward at times… Neither of us has any regrets, and our lives go on. She and I have too much history and memories together to be total strangers.

Cindy is not a terrible person. She was going through a terrible time, and our communication went in such a way that we had problems understanding each other… People are complex. It simply doesn’t always work out between them in the way that we would all like.


I’m glad things improved for him and thanks for posting his reflection. Snark aside, i found the video really depressing.


road tar - medicinal - “bye” - hot rods - dirty socks

midlife crisis in a bottle

downhill from Caol Ila to Laphroaig in one afternoon

may your 2019 be as Glenfarclas as possible


I’ll skip the awkwardness of the situation and go straight to the whisky:
I’m a big fan of Laphroaig and especially their Quarter Cask bottles. I can’t get enough peat.
My go-to Islay would be the Lagavulin 16 though as it is quite easy to find here and a tiny bit cheaper than the rest. But for xmas, I bought myself a Caol Ila Moch and I can’t wait to try it!


Nice. But I’m a Speydide girl.


He didn’t get the aroma at first because he didn’t put in a drop of water to release it. A couple of bitter tears would have done the job nicely.


Cast my vote for yum! I haven’t had it in years, but you never forget the flavor.

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I tried Lagavulin and it was like drinking turpentine. I guess it is an acquired taste. I have been onto Talisker Storm recently, which has a nice complex mix of flavors without being overwhelming.


Is Speydiddy a Scottish rapper?


And occasionally at Costco!


I was introduced to scotch via Laphroaig and Lagavulin, so am pretty much ruined…

Laphroaig expressions for when I need to drink a tire fire.
Bowmores are probably to best balanced of smoke and ocean.
Caol Ila is green-tinted smoothness.
Ardbeg tastes like Band-aids.


And yet it perfectly encapsulates why the marriage failed.

our communication went in such a way that we had problems understanding each other

Yeah, no shit. Your wife is leaving you and you take the time to record a YouTube video. Something tells me communication is not your strong suit.


Haggis stylie


This is poetry.


Ok, you gotta explain this supposed trick to me. Scotch is already 60% water. How in the world is adding “a drop of water” to it going to release the aroma?


“Speydide”? You started drinking early today, huh?

It was Laphroaig the got me hooked on Scotch, but I’ve since come away from it and other Islays-- too heavy, and I notice the iodine now more than anything.

I got a note from my doctor saying my liver functions were abnormally high, so I guess I have to go on the wagon. So it goes. I’m just mad I wasted my time and health trying all those cheap blends, hoping there was a good deal somewhere among them. Nope.

“I ain’t gonna drink no more after tonight . . unless I’m by myself or in the company of others.”
–R.L. Burnside


A regular scotch drinker.

I like peat, but Laphroaig isn’t a favorite. I prefer Lagavulin over it. Much more balance.

Glenfarclas beats all though, especially cask strength 105 Glenfarclas if you can find it. Other than private bottlers of Signatory and McMurray David, Glenfarclas is consistently my favorite scotch, though not much peat, more stewed prunes and stonefruits with woodsmoke than heavy peat.

And drink neat- this bullshit with adding water to whisky? No. I smack you. Smartasses add water to whisky thinking they know something. Its utter bullshit.

Scotch, a little warmer from your hand than room temperature, no water, no ice, no whisky stones. Put it in a Glencairn glass, and drink it. Done.

For those who like peat- there is actually a scale for peatiness, somewhat scientific, called the phenol scale. Phenols are the compound that give peated scotch its peaty taste from the peat. More phenols, more peat influence in the scotch. Octomore is a scotch that has something like 100x the phenols of Laphroaig, its supposed to be hyper peaty, but I’ve had it- not overwhelming at all.

Hope that helps some laddie…


Go to? Used to be about 20 years ago before the price jumped. Love the stuff but that’s a once in a great while splurge.

Finlaggan is more my “go-to”, quality be damned. And I can used it as a marinade without feeling guilty.