Large cat spotted


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Look ma, I’m on TV!

The main video:

That’s a big something, whatever it is.




It’s simple really; they just put the words to the article in the wrong order. It’s not “Large cat spotted”, it’s actually “Large spotted cat”.


Hey man, cats are terrifying.


Well. It’s bigger than 45’s hands. So. Yeah. It’s big.


You gotta give him credit.
Not drunk, not dropping trousers, not trying to flip the bird, not trying to kiss the reporter, etc.


Do you watch a lot of news from florida, by any chance?


I lived there for at least a dozen years!


The cat posed remarkably well, I gotta admit.


7th sense. Cat suddenly knew a hundred thousand people wanted to look at something just behind there.


That’s the sole purpose of about half of their functional genome.


You can’t fool me. That cat is not spotted, it’s striped.


I’m glad someone made this joke so I didn’t have to.


"I’ll be right back with a live report.

But first, wee paws, for station identification."


The intense backing track or weird radio ads on that made it feel like a superdeluxe video.


I was hoping for Slenderman.



More than one naturalist has described the cougar as “Your typical housecat multiplied by ten.” I don’t think this is what they meant. :slight_smile:


No recreation of the cougar sighting? Lame.