Large sinkhole swallows bus in China as passengers are boarding

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Oh for a minute I thought it was trying to merge on to Musk’s Hyper Loop.


The kaiju are getting hungry.

Was the gas tank exploding? Horrifying.


Pittsburgh had a viral sinkhole before it was cool (I think maybe BB ran it? Or was it Reddit? It all blurs together)


I’m from Pittsburgh and within a week there were already custom shirts being sold on the street in the Strip District with this meme all over it.

My favorite was “sorry I was late there were transportation problems” with a picture of the bus just submerged

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I was wondering if maybe it hit some utility, or just sparked and set off the dust cloud.


There were gas lines down there and the authorities had to shut of everything before the bus could be moved. I used to think that sinkholes were something that only occurred out in the countryside or in areas that were geologically prone to it. But the are becoming common in many urban areas, perhaps owing to leaky water or sewage lines.


In China, everything is geologically prone to disaster…
Never heard of human being involved on catastrophe.
Pollution, sinkholes, chemical blast,…

“no reports of environmental damage”

Need to open a giant sinkhole under the entire frapping country.

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