Las Vegas reopens and people are gambling again, 2.5 months after COVID-19 closed casinos

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This is straight out of the Oogie Boogie school of casino management:

Oh, the sound of rollin’ dice
To me is music in the air
‘Cause I’m a gamblin’ Boogie Man
Although I don’t play fair

It’s much more fun, I must confess
When lives are on the line
Not mine, of course, but yours, old boy
Now that’d be just fine


It wouldn’t be the first time that addicts gambled with their health to get a fix.


Hey, if anyone is interested in creating a personalized notion of hell for me, this is a pretty good start:

The lethargic, masked go-go dancers are what really hammer home the joylessness in this for all involved.


… with their LIVES!!!


Not just theirs. I don’t think they’ll be self-quarantining for two weeks when they get home.

It ain’t staying in Vegas.


Yeah, the new slogan

“What happens here, only happens here”

is looking more and more spot on.

this is my new favorite tracking site because you can clearly see which states are winning a darwin award as they reopen despite not meeting even the smallest of criteria

Rt = retransmission rate where the closer/over 1 you are, the more it’s spreading, check out Georgia to see what’s going to happen to Nevada in a few weeks


What happens in Vegas… follows you home, and happens there, too! And itt happens to everyone, not just you!

Yeah, gotta work on that slogan.


Can I just say, the way this reopening is happening is insane? I work as a contractor for the federal DOEnergy for a program that sends workers into people’s homes to make them more energy efficient. None of the states that are “opening” have met the White House guidelines for reopening to phase 1. Just getting guidance or FAQs out to our network is fraught. Our most recent guidance (everything at all related to COVID goes all the way to Secretary level for review) took an extra 3 weeks to publish because where it referenced the White House guidelines had to be revised to read “President Donald J Trump’s White House guidelines.” Seriously, that was the only edit. And now it’s either get back to work or lose your job. We don’t have the science yet, there’s no federal leadership. People are scared, and rightly so.
It astounds me that people are voluntarily making this last longer. That’s what this NV story is about. People voluntarily making it last longer, and all the workers are left with 2 shitty options.


Yes, it is crazy. You are supposed to see a sustained trend down in new cases, then consider relaxing restrictions. And the general principle is: relax a little, measure, relax maybe a little more, measure, etc. Meanwhile ramping up testing and contract tracing. But that is not happening. California has seen record high new cases in the past week and yet the local health department is loosening restrictions.


As if I needed more reason to never step foot in that city again.

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This! What’s happening makes absolutely no sense from an epidemiological/disease point of view. It’s almost like someone has decided that human lives are less important than other factors…

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