Arizona closes bars, nightclubs, gyms, movie theaters and water parks for 30 days as coronavirus ravages state

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Better late than never, right?

Yes. But only if people learn from this wretched experience which is the new norm until the next nasty virus come along.

Oh, when is the next 45 rally? He wouldn’t be such an idiot to hold one before the case numbers go down, right? Right?

I love living in MA since I know that both candidates already know how this state is going to slide. No ads, no corona rallies. Keep that junk and ignorance elsewhere.


So, unless I googled it wrong, Arizona decided to end their prior lockdown on May 15th. A month and a half later(for a disease with a comparatively long asymptomatic period and uneven testing, so potentially they were already screwed by the standards of any competent epidemiologist for some time before it became undeniable) they are announcing another month of lockdown.

They do realize that oscillating between premature optimism and desperate crackdowns is a terrible plan, right? Or should we check in again in 2-2.5 months for another round?


Better earlier than late, but that cruise ship has sailed.


Used to be, when I said that most of the country was too stupid to live I thought I was overstating things.


Unfortunately, I think that is probable at this point. It’s hard to believe that everyone witnessing the horrors of March and April would be that short-sighted, but here we are. The chances of them listening and learning the second time don’t seem that high.


It’s going to take more than 30 days. All that freedom has won the state more time in lockdown.


But in March it was happening to other people who live far away. How was that going to affect us (/s, because that’s not obvious in today’s mad world)


And that sphere of other people will get smaller and smaller until they find themselves completely encircled and gasping for breath. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere…


About that…

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I live in Tucson, and I don’t know anyone locally who thinks Ducey isn’t a complete doofus.


I don’t think 30 days is long enough for any kind of change and settling down to be obvious in the numbers. There’s a huge amount of lag, with people infected right now not showing any symptoms, if any, for a week or more, as they infect other people.

Hopefully that’s a rolling 30 days, where they keep extending it until the numbers come down, and then extend it some more


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


I have no sympathy for the people who refused to wear masks or social distance that have created this new wave of hell.

If you do not understand or choose to ignore scientific consensus don’t be surprised when the consequences are painful, and in this case, even deadly.

The real problem though is the people like me who are going to suffer because we have pre-existing conditions now that the virus is infecting more people because of the ignorant ones among us.


If you lock down early enough, right at the start of community transmission, you can have a civilized recovery; they proved this in Northern Europe (excluding Sweden). If you wait until penetration is widespread then you have to lock down very tightly for a much longer time, as Italy and Spain had to do.


This is the critical point I totally missed initially. The best response from a civil liberties perspective is to go very hard, very early, then use that time to invest hugely in test and trace strategies so outbreaks can be detected super fast and controlled locally.

I do wonder if that had been done universally we’d be basically at the state of being able to ignore the problem day to day.


I said it here in March, I said it in May and I say it now

Looking at what happened in Italy and Spain (and somehow the UK), lockdown measures to be effective, need to be implemented hard and fast, there are no advantages to half measures or delaying the inevitable.

If you are going to take the hit to the economy, do it quickly, stop everything but essential services for 2 - 3 months and evaluate.

All of this talk about closing some venues but not others muddles the message, people get confused, flaunt the rules and congregate in the places that are not closed

The message has to be clear, do not leave the house unless you are a key worker, you need to buy medicine or groceries or to seek medical care. Go out only to do exercise for a maximum of 1 hour a day and no more than 1 mile away from your home. If you need to take public transport, use of masks is mandatory. Declare covid 19 a notifiable disease. Impose fines to anyone breaking the rules


Not necessarily. After a few protests they may decide to reopen again with epidemic still not under control and create another wave of infections.

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If they

then they WILL find they have

It just won’t be continuous time. But cumulative time in lockdown will grow and grow with this approach, unless they give up and just let the hospitals get overrun and leave people dying at home.

(Of course, a ‘why not both’ gif might well be apt here!)

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You still have hope that they’ll do the sensible thing? They’ll shut things down until they start feeling better, then the residents will start clamoring for everything to get back to normal immediately. After all, it’s not like the rebound effect is actually a thing, right? Right?

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