Laser cut bamboo drone

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I wonder is the BooBoo is running Ubuntu, the ultimate hipster distro.

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fixed that for you

Also, drones like that don’t run Linux. FYI.


Also, please explain how a humble laser cutter became “the ultimate hipster CNC fabricator”? Does it apply even to the cheapo noname Chinese K40 clones, or only to the manually assembled artisanal ones or the higher-class Epilog and other brands?

Wait…are you saying you were into laser cutters before they were cool? :wink:


What? Ubuntu is the most mainstream Linux distro there is. It’s meant to be friendly enough for kids and grandmas.

The ultimate hipster distro would probably be some bizarre homebrew purpose-built to run on an MSX and control model train switching networks (and the user does not own any model trains).


No idea. Were they cool in 2013?

(I was ogling them for years before, but only then my available money intersected with the market offer.)


It’s more hipster than Red Hat.

It’s the only “3D printing” device that lets you work in bamboo; thus, it is hipstrous by the transitive property of hipsterosity.


Technically, laser cutting is a subtractive manufacturing while 3d printing is by definition additive.

And you can 3d-print with a bamboo/PLA filament:

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Indeed, thus the quotes.

…some software tools for laser cutting…

I found the editorial ‘ultimately’ insulting.

Ubuntu isn’t a distro, it’s the Bantu word for ‘can’t configure debian’.


He’s also got a ultimate hipster location, backdrop, and haircut.

You hipster boys have no idea of how stylin’ laser cutting can be:

Call me when we’ve got a bamboo-cut laser drone.

I thought artisanal semolina bread was the ultimate hipster material. When did that change?


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