Laser-cut record clocks


Note: it’s a really bad idea to laser-cut records, as vinyl will release chlorine gas, which is corrosive and poisonous. Few if any hobby laser cutters will have the appropriate equipment to manage these toxic fumes.


It’s not just bad for you. Chlorine is also corrosive and can ruin your laser’s optics if you cut PVC often.

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These are really well done (like really!), but I count about 3, maybe 4 which are not someone else’s IP. As someone who runs a business that uses properly licensed art, I see a lot of this out there.

It makes me think once again, ‘No good deed, (or attempt at following the law) goes unpunished’.

I’d love some of that “Hey I recognize that!” money, but my art grab stops at public domain, and ephemera abandon-art.

I’m a laser cutter. I could make one of these easily, but I won’t be because of the exhaust fume problem.

If you’re a Hackspace, it’s worth tagging the laser and putting “vinyl records” down on the prohibited list.

I have been making record clocks on and off for about 6 years now, and we looked into using a lasers, cmc’s or other various devices to shape the record. The problem is that it is really counter to the whole recycle/reuse/re-purpose idea. It is still creating waste (and possibly toxic fumes).

So, I just hand punch holes to put in hour markers, and let the (unplayable) music speak for itself…

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