Lovely silhouette necklaces cut from old records


With the added bonus of infuriating audiophiles!

Most laser shops will not cut vinyl (Polyvinyl Chloride and it’s friends) because chlorine is released during the cutting process. Chlorine is poisonous and corrosive. Even if sufficiently vented many places do not allow release of chlorine into the environment.

there are some records where you can add value in cutting them up. (Un)fortunately i can’t find many in my collection.

Interesting to see two of the three most puzzling (to me) and perhaps lately overdone tattoo images in the necklace photo: paired birds (preparing to alight? That’s what I’ve always taken them as, at least) and anchors. The third (not pictured) would have to be diamonds. All three seem to be more popular with women in the last few years. Not sure why.

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