Lasers can beam audible messages directly to people's ears

I’m imagining Experiment IV, by Kate Bush (again):


This should help greatly with my poker game. Vegas here I come.

OMG, me too! Those tiny marigold-colored money chits!

PS Also: please understand that I use my powers of mischief only For Good™.

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The CIA has had this ability for years. I can find a citation if you like

Yeah I am pretty sure I read about this being done with focused sunlight more than 100 years ago.

Awesome, now we can invisibly engineer crazy people.

I was too lazy to find the graphic, so thanks for posting it. Extra point for the link. :slight_smile:

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So I assume the recipient of the audio signal needs to hold their head perfectly still. Which would make anyone they were talking to suspicious if the intent of this sort of thing is to be surreptitious about it.

I guess you could just wear a neck brace and wince a lot to cover for your lack of head movement.

I think this was also possible with interfering two ultrasound beams. Lasers though, neat. I’ll look forward to the practical applications in the next Tom Cruise movie.

What, you thought it would end when Trump got the ability to text everyone with Presidential Alerts?

Maybe we should put the brakes on this technology until he’s gone…

And here I was, making sure my router/modem’s
blinking lights
weren’t aimed directly at my head.
And making sure I used speakerphone to avoid frying my brain…
Too late

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