Last day to badger FCC over Net Neutrality: do it! Do it now!


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I don’t know what to badger them about. The Democrat majority of commissioners refuses to release the plan, so – you know – let’s just badger them to modify a secret document so it does what we hope it will! And we will certainly get what we want!

Badger Badger Badger.


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it’ll fall on deaf ears; the redneck dorks that control my state don’t care, I’m sure, but just for my conscience…

thanks for putting the link into the BBS, Rob.

Not to worry…once it passes and the FCC “discovers” that they can treat blogs and news aggregation sites the same as TV stations airing political commercials, those awful right wingers will find their websites and blogs targeted for violations of campaign laws. Probably right before the election if the IRS experience is any guide.
. But the left will be unaffected, so nothing for you guys to be concerned about.


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