Last Friday, a white dude tried to blow up a plane to "fight a war" in America and no one cared


Are you saying this guy was NOT a “mentally unstable” ‘lone wolf’ ?


if they suggest it, and we buy it without hard numbers… that’s them justifying their budget without justifying their budget.



Stuff like this is a good reminder that far-right domestic terrorists are a bigger threat to America than Islamist nutcases. There are a lot more of them.


Yeah I figured someone might say that. These were conversations about “Hey, what have you been up to lately?”

Not hard proof, but surely not a situation where there is any incentive to tow the official line. Make of that what you will. I am not going to claim it as anything other than hearsay, but it sure is interesting. Fwiw, this was the FBI.


“crazy white guys who want to start an ill-defined war against society and kill people”<<

Are you banning most of Congress and the White House? And for that matter, leadership in multiple defense contracting orgs?


Another textbook example of ‘the Master Race’.



Gosh, it seems like there are whole PACKS of White Supremacist Lone Wolves roaming the country these days.


Yeah, it’s like they’re networked or something. Kinda like sleeper cells, eh?


Seeing as how no one died, I kind of think this might not be true.


Lone wolves get to be the alpha of their imagi-nation.


Huh? This guy - who is evidently a Native American, btw - appears to be exactly the opposite of a White Supremacist and evidently he lost his “pack” or never paid his dues.

So, we have a loner Native American who wound up hurting nobody at a small regional airport in East Bumf**k, who gave no cogent message about his motives and zero about any affiliations - and you think that all this proves something?


May I ask your source for this claim?


This might be one:

Number 5. Apparently that is what prison records state.


Who exactly said they wanted his citizenship revoked? BoingBoing? The Intercept? Please cite…


Because obviously white people do this kind of crazy stuff all the time.
It’s not news anymore, Corey. Oh, crazy white people, when will you learn?

NOW, if an African-American or Muslim person gets out of line, … we-lll …
The news cycle is de rigueur. It must be obeyed.

We must be afraid, be very BREATHLESSLY afraid.
Those who shall not be named, must be named.

Because then what’s next?
Cats and dogs lying with each other?

Or maybe lions with lambs?
Melt down our tanks into tractors?

Pandemonium! We’re fighting a war here!
You know, … end-of-the-world, biblical-ly type of stuff, with peace and goodwill to all.

We couldn’t have that, now could we?
I mean, obviously.

[insert usual obligatory snark-tag disclaimer]


Captain Obvious: But he’s not a terrorist. Because he is white.


You seem humor impaired. Please reread my post and note the wink.


Charlie Pierce calls the place “the newly insane State of North Carolina.”


Um, I get your point, but Asheville is not much like the rest of North Carolina.

It’s really weird to me because it was the nearest place to my grandmother’s ceramics studio and the town where my grandfather bought auto parts, I visited many times as a child. There was nothing at all unusual about it then. Now half my musical friends want to move there.