Last Friday, a white dude tried to blow up a plane to "fight a war" in America and no one cared


Maybe. But who says they are white? Reading this, I don’t know if they identify as such, or if others are taking it upon themselves to stereotype them. By others that could mean us here on BB, or other journalists/spin-doctors in the reporting chain. It is a very good question to ask - but a risky thing to assume.


Right. Out west is where all the great Trout fishing is too. I spent half of last year in Raleigh, and almost everyone I met was a transplant from elsewhere. I really loved my time there.

Now, the big issue I have is the BBQ sauce. It’s just all wrong. Get it together, NC!


Well, you definitely have your priorities right.

But I cannot agree with this. Carolina style is my favorite sauce. More mustard. Keep going. More. Not done yet. Just put the whole bottle in. There we go!


You’re dissembling about it for a reason, not one I know or will assume, but I will point out that’s a common factor in these shootings to be considered, as well.


Vincente Fox?


\ignore is not what you are looking for though. Particularly as a society it isn’t a rational response to dangerous events. Report in a way which doesn’t cause more damage than the original? Well that’s a reasonable thought. For example here are the Samaritans media guidelines for reporting suicide
This is based on reasonably long standing guidelines developed to avoid copycat suicides and suicide hotspots. There is also a newer emerging set of protocols for mass killings because they also create copycat attacks

There are no such emerging guidelines for “terrorism” most likely due to the political capital that is shamelessly sought in such events. The hysterical media and political pandering response is precisely the intention of the perpetrators of “terrorist” acts as we have come to think of them. But many of the characteristics between “non-terrorist” and “terrorist” mass shootings are consistent. Particularly in the age of the lone wolf terrorist who actually is not part of a centralised command structure at all. Stop talking about how they do it. Stop talking about them and their story. Don’t narrate their last day(s) etc.

The West is in no fundamental way threatened by ISIS or al Qaeda (if they were capable of such actions they wouldn’t have to resort to the pathetic actions they take) it is by it’s own response to such actions.#

As with gun control I wouldn’t start from where we are now but it is imperative we start. It is profoundly naive and/or cynical to respond to actions like this the way we continue to do: as the terrorists want; as a way to prove we are hard so that we can win votes/likes.


LOL. That actually occurred to me not too long after I posted it.



Your ignorance is truly astounding…


Well thanks for being the ass and calling me ignorant. Tell me, since you decided to bring up the shoe bomber, what mass shooting event was overshadowed by the shoe bomber event? None? Ah, I see now, you just like being an ass.


I understand your logic, but in the real world, “evil” is relative… mostly to your perception of the world. So if our perception is limited, say by the echo chamber that is popular media and common thought, the morality absent in the administrations we support, or the religious fervor of blind patriotism, we are likely to dismiss terrorists as “evil”, and thereby negate things like “motive”, consideration of which should be applied to any solution, even if that is droning them to rubble and violating our constitutional rights. You fear the things you don’t understand, so ignorance actually makes the effect stronger, on both sides.


Ignoring lone attackers isn’t to pretend they don’t have motives or that they are simply “evil.”

The CDC has guidelines that they share with media to advise them about how to avoid promoting suicide contagion. They can produce those guidelines because they have some understanding of that phenomenon. The idea of not making murderers famous is a similar one - it’s a guideline advocated by at least some psychologists who study mass killings as a way of reducing the temptation to carry out a mass killing.

I don’t think I’m knowledgeable enough to argue for or against it, but it’s not a fear-based position.


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