Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts


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An actual beating human heart.


Flashing LED Heart Kit / $10
Solder up a special something for your loved one or, better yet, have a romantic maker date and do it yourselves. Ah, love just makes everything glow.

Plus, you can save on fragrances since you’ll only be able to smell rosin afterwards, amirite?

I was looking for a good source for DIY kits of this nature; it seems to me that at $10 it’s probably being sold at a tremendous markup. Any suggestions?


Magic 8 Ball Butt Plug.

It’s only $30!


Except for the suggestions from Cory, which help support Cory Doctorow. Cory strongly believes in sharing the wealth, except when it impacts his own wallet.


Wire-wrapped design on a perfboard, protoboard, or free-standing wires. Standalone through-hole LEDs can be shaped and soldered with ease.

If the wiring is done pretty enough, the whole thing can be potted in e.g. crystal resin for wear as a functional jewel.


Good choice for those who want to pull answers out of their arses.


Please don’t buy that Moleskine to go with that fantastic Pilot Namiki! Get your lover a Rhodia Webnotebook instead! (Moleskines aren’t intended for use with the liquid ink in fountain pens.)


It would require quite a bit of skillful contortion to get in a position where the answer would rise to the top… or would it rise to the bottom?


All but a few of the links support individual editors, not just the editor you’re watching. Boing Boing is us.


I’ve recently become quite angry at how bleedy molekines are with many pens and shall not recommend them again!


And Rhodia products are generally cheaper! Plus people comment on your snazzy orange notebooks.


A vibrator…a gift that says ‘go fuck yourself’.


Are you disappointed in bOINGbOING, Rob?


Eh, we went and saw Deadpool and didn’t exchange gifts. Now that valentines day is over (here) we’ll scope out the discount boxes of chocolates.


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