Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Picks For Forgetful Lovers

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Gifts for lovers


At first glance, the metal pill container
on the chain
Looks like an In Memoriam
Ash container.


A vape pen Xeni? Really?

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Xeni if anything is consistent i’ll give her that.

I’m also elated that the barrel of lube continues its omnipresence. I do see that the chocolate buttholes are missing this year though.

If i could recommend some things to add:

Flesh light, vibrator, strapon, & good booze.


@orenwolf Question, i don’t know if its my browser or not but in the Valentine’s Day guide at the end i don’t see a link to the BBS at the bottom. I had to jump to the forums and look for the topic there, my preference is usually to get to the comments through the post itself.

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Ood oil?

When will this ruthless exploitation cease?


I went ahead and added a link. :slight_smile:


Is that a Funko version of Pedobear?

You could just get the plush


I don’t suppose we could tag this with a NSFW tag? Not too sure about looking at some of the choices in the public venue.

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And remember kids…

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Does anyone have any thoughts on the vape pen? I am single but going to “treat myself” - I keep finding myself bumming cigs when I drink, and think a pen might be better.

510 is the connector most nicotine juices use right?

And if I happened to be on vacation in a legal state I assume it could do… other things? :deciduous_tree:

My main concern is the battery - will it be replacable eventually or swappable

Would a nice red wine get this response? :slight_smile:

I had a partner once who really struggled with anxiety and weed really helped her be able to orgasm. Apparently it’s a common issue among women.

if someone wants to hit a vape instead of pound rosé more power to them IMHO


Isn’t there something some sects of judaism wear like that? Only it has pages of the old testament?

Inherently i have nothing against vaping but i’m not convinced its safe, so for me its just a hard pass. If i wanted to do weed i would rather do edibles, but for people that want to cut back on smoking cigarettes or quit i do think that vaping can help.

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I think you might be thinking
of a small box that hangs
somewhere. But I admit I’m not sure …

Re: vape pen: “I tried it” says Xeni. I can’t think of anything more insulting.

“Your mother tried it.”

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that article ruined chocolate oranges for me