Gifts for Lovers in the Death Throes of The American Republic


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Some of the products are linking back to Shanalogic, who i know is no longer operating as a store front. If anyone here is interested in getting the anatomical heart pendant or vial you’d need to go to the Etsy store under Lost Apostle


Wow. “Share a final candle-flicker of joy before the annihilation begins:” Nothing like impending doom to canoodle with a loved one!



Fight or flight does have a third F that is usually not mentioned.


I want to know why when researching the Bronzed Door Knocker With Balls, for a friend, does a “Basic Geri Nursing Skills Geriatric Training Manikin” pop up as customers who viewed this item also viewed??



I have no idea why, but it ain’t just you.

The one that really confuses me is the Macho Man Randy Savage with Jesus Pillowcase? I was concerned about Diseases Caused by Masturbation, but it was published in 1760, so I’m sure our modern techniques avoid all those onanistic diseases.


It wasn’t me this time but if you get recommended a really sweet looking long sleeve, huge kitty face t-shirt, you’re welcome I guess? It didn’t come in my size. :frowning:


The one silver lining at the alt-right’s termination of democracy is that when they finally achieve their eternal theocracy and end all liberalism, there will be that inevitable “What have I done?” moment when they realize that all porn is once again illegal.


Amazing title, thank you


How about a portable LOVE SHACK?


Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker, my current nominated soundtrack for the end of the world.

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