Boing Boing Gift Guide: Toys and more!


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Pink glass “tentacle”? Ri-ight.



That crossbow pistol would go nicely with the air raid siren from the last Gift Guide article. While I’m thinking about this, where can I buy those animatronic laughing sailors?


Rob Beschizza

Mini Steel Safe

Ok, now you’re just taunting us.


Yes, I am. I am.


WAIT! You can purchase dices by the pound?!

Oh my… hands trembling… must resist temptation!


Also crystal pyramids



@beschizza HALP HALP!


Your holiday frivolities are assured.


Jason’s write-up on Estes rockets is so incredibly dead on. I would only add that, in the rare occasion that I could find the rocket I spent hours building, the smell of the spent engine was divine.


“Generic Lego”???

You and I can no longer be friends.


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