You could give this toy crossbow to your kid, or just keep it for yourself


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“and is the perfect finishing touch for a Rambo-Chewbacca Halloween crossover.”

I was going to ask if it came with a leather vest…



As soon as my parents’ backs were turned, I would have put a sharpened pencil into that.


Man, I’m not sure I want the turbo-charged crossbow craze to spread from Asia. I’d prefer fidget spinners to stay in vogue, thank you very much.


Sure about that?


I just happened to be reading yesterday that it took several years to become proficient with the crossbow, and even longer with the longbow. The article didn’t mention suction cups.


I would swear you can buy a real low-end crossbow for the same price.

removes suction cups

Oh, ok.


Death by lead poisoning!

[I know. Graphite =/= lead. Give me this one joke. It’s been a day.]


Hey BB Store, you seem to have served @Mister44’s targeted ad to me by mistake?



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