Marshmallow crossbow


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I imagine it would make a delightful DIY project for the right woodtool-wielding maker

And I hope said maker wouldn’t resort to using a cotter-pin to hold the trigger assembly to the nut (the part that holds the string when cocked).

The guard over the string also would seem to make cocking more difficult than need be.

And a plastic nut holding the bow on the front probably allows for easy break-down, but could have been made from better material

an “A” for the idea, a “C” for the execution.

Edit - The guard over the string is probably used to impale Marshmallows on to prevent them from falling off the stock when preparing to fire. I’ll grudgingly raise the grade to a “B-” for that.


Hey that’s pretty neat. I wonde- $90? Holy cow, not that neat.


Does not appear to have a trigger safety. You’ll shoot your eye out!


On the upside, you might shoot your mouth out. Yummmmm!


Marshmallow Crossbow? loved their first album. Sadly, their sophomore effort proved the world isn’t ready for a rock opera about the internecine struggles of the competitive marquetry set…


I want one that will reliably fire hot, drippy roasted marshmallows.

And free would be better, too.


I was also “impressed” by the cost! The barrel seems to be only rough finished, and you can even see the scribe and a sharpie mark on the slot above the trigger. A sharpie on wood??? How about a quick pass with a grinder to remove the stamp off the back of the metal?

It’s a nice piece, nice design, very charming… but maybe this one was a prototype and wasn’t able to be finished prior to the photo shoot? Obviously the maker has the skills and knowledge. $90 would still feel high to me, but at least it would be finished.


If you’re going that far, it needs to roast the marshmallows while it’s still on the crossbow, and include attachments for launching chocolate and graham crackers.


And an eye-shield. Don’t forget the eye-shield.


Feel free to contact me if you need live target practice!

P.S. I happen to love stale marshmallows. I let them dry out on a plate for days before eating them.


I don’t remember where I saw it, but someone once opined that the best Hallowe’en candy is Peeps that have been slowly going stale since Easter.

I’ve had it, and I can see the point, but enjoy chocolate too much to agree that that’s the best Hallowe’en candy.


I also have to disagree with that someone. I don’t know what the flavor is, but I hate Peeps with a passion.
Chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies? The bomb.


It’s cool and all, but a slingshot seems faster and a lot less bulky…

(also, even if your marshmallow ammo isn’t stale, you still need to be pretty careful)


Am I the only one who came for a cross bow made of marshmallows?


I’ve seen one like this that shoots arrows. Want to try it…



No. You were not.


I’m wondering how effective it is. Crossbow darts are designed to be effectively propelled by a lateral string. Marshmallows are designed to melt on your tongue. For my $90, this thing would have to score a bulls eye on a banana pie at 30 paces!


Hello… I’m the maker of this Weapon of Mallow Destruction. The Marshmallow Crossbow. I’d be happy to answer any questions regarding it. I don’t understand the comment about the cotter pin? It is perfect for the assembly of the the aluminum “Firing Pin” to the Walnut trigger for smooth operation and longevity. The “gaurd” you are referring to is called a “Mallow Holder” it is also adjustable and securely holds the marshmallow prior to firing. I made it out of more malleable aluminum (al5052) so it can be adjusted with ease to suit the mallow. The “Plastic nut” This is a very high quality knurled plastic cap which is pressure fit onto a steel round cap screw. This assembly also contains a special washer which provides stability and eliminates loosening caused from vibration of firing. At the other end of this assembly is a steel insert nut embedded into the Douglas Fir body. It’s all high quality and very well thought out. for more information or questions please don’t hesitate… And for more info please do visit my personal fb at Jeff Davidson Mallow man :slight_smile: or visit my website at

Cheers, Jeff