Wooden marshmallow catapaults, arbalests, and trebuchets


That should be “catapults” or “catapultae.”

That should also be “arbalests.”

And looking at their site, their “catapult” isn’t, it’s more like an onager but without the sling and stop-bar; their “crossbow ballista” is an outswinger catapulta instead of a quite possibly inswinger ballista.

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No wheels for the trebuchet? Color me disappointed.

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At my most recent SF Con I was introduced to a rather nice plush Cthulhu… …now, if only I could find a 500’ version I would presume that he would laugh in the face of toy arbalests! Aiiii!

My favourite trebuchet ever.

Like we even read the rules.

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Pfft. Marshmallows. If those were mine they would be launching little rocks! Rawwwr!

Caution: May cause unemployment in some school districts.


Those wooden marshmallows can get pretty hard!

The only thing more impressive than a successful trebuchet launch is an unsuccessful trebuchet launch.


I have a couple if these. The workmanship is top notch. There are historical inconsistency s but engineering wise they are impeccable.

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