Animated laughing sailors


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No. Just no.

I stopped the video after 0 9 seconds. I would have stopped earlier, but I’m pretty sure I failed my stun check for the first few seconds.

Edit: Changed 0 to 9. Oops.


Great, something even creepier than ventriloquists’ dummies.


I figure an hour trapped in a circle of these, the sole objects illuminated in an otherwise dark room smelling of unidentifiable rot and damp, rusting steel out to be enough to shatter anyone’s mind into jagged shards of malice and madness.

…and that, children, is how politicians are made.


Are we not men?


[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:90478”]
Buy a half dozen, secretly put them in your friends living room and set them to go off at 3am.[/quote]

You sick bastard.


Is that Uncle Josh’s laugh?


This is officially the least fun time I have awakened to animated laughing sailors!


And that’s coming from someone named awfulhorrid.



Freaked me out, no, NO!


Reminds me of the store window in the 1951 Scrooge.


It is devolved.


Good thing it will be at least 14 hours before I need to sleep tonight.


How hard is it to change the audio? I’d rather make 'em sing.


Finally. . . 2016 has a voice!


Straight up Robert the Doll territory.


Anyone else reminded of the movie Sleuth?


THAT brings an even more horrifying aspect to the notional “who do you want answering that call at 3am?”

Thanks Mark. Thanks ever so much.


Thanks. I was running low on nightmare fuel.


That scene looks like the last thing Batman & Robin would see before being subdued by some supervillain’s diabolical trap.