Excellent prank featuring a creepy porcelain doll


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“And the Chucky for Best Possessed Toy Prank goes to…”

[opens envelope]


Her sister is fucking pissed.


She just earned a lifetime of checking her sneakers before wearing, and what ever else comes with it, revenge…


So… basically, she wasted her own money and her sister’s time, for a prank.

Some people need more constructive hobbies.


Time to break out the Jonathan Coulton?


This prank is great because it worked, but I can never understand how these kind of things ever do. How is someone’s first thought “Holy shit, that inanimate object that I’ve had for years and never once seen move or talk must have come alive and tracked me down so it could sit, inanimate in the corner of the basement! I’m definitely in serious danger now!”

OTOH, I don’t get to enjoy many scary movies, so there’s that joy gone.


Ventriloquists’ dummies can move and talk tho, so it’s alright to be petrified of them, right?

Asking for a dumbass who decided to ignore their parents’ advice and watch the “Caesar and Me” episode of The Twilight Zone when they were 8.


How is making an entertaining video for the delight of all of us not constructive? Worth every penny.


Since she bought the doll from her own sister, at least the money stayed in the family. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Or another way of looking at it could be that the sister got paid for her part in the video. (Though I don’t endorse that view, as her sister wasn’t necessarily a fully-willing participant…)


I guess an arm up your butt would motivate anything to respond. Fear away.


I’m not a fan of pranks in general. They tend to be more mean than funny, at least in my experience.

Additionally, there’s the risk of losing someone’s trust; a stunt like that would have cost the sister her keys to my house, frankly. (Not that I would ever give my sister any keys to anything of mine, but that’s beside the point.)


At my company, an exec’s email address was spoofed and we all got an urgent PDF link which most of us knew not to open, but that still became a busy morning for the IT guys. This was many months before halloween, but I couldn’t shake the idea. I made a PDF Delivery box with a talking haunted doll. I dressed up as Mr. Rogers Speedy Delivery man with the opening music on loop playing out of the back of a repurposed fed ex box. On the front, this was a door:

If you opened it (sorry, best pic I can find):

A big addition to the creep factor vs. the way the doll shipped required a temporary beheading to add parchment paper behind the eyes and a small flashlight inside the head. The switchblade was like $2 at Party City. The red light above is a bike tail light. In dimly lit spaces it is scarier.

I won a gift card for “creepiest.”


I would have just left it at her house for her to find on her own time so that she would doubt her own sanity.


Don’t forget the tiny little bloody shoe prints that start from the laundry room and leads to the waiting room.


The ‘run screaming’ response seems totally rational to me. A great logical conclusion from seeing the doll is that a psychopath has fixated on you and broken into your house. Not so different from seeing a death threat on your kitchen counter, though I suppose the ‘personal touch’ adds a visceral element. Is this an experience we really want our family members to go through?


Ah yes, a good old fashioned research project with live human subjects, posted onto YouTube for all to enjoy.


Wasted? I don’t see wasted.


You know if this were a horror movie, you’d be the first to go…


Shit, you’re right.