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Re the monster tester. Its tricky, and that sort of thing works. But the more specific ones like the monster tester can sometimes back fire in confirming to the kid that monsters are a thing to be worried about. Just as an example of how specificity can bite you in the ass on this we’ll take my sister. As a very young child she was really scared of ET. Loved the movie but had recurring nightmares about ET hiding in her closet to attack her. My grandmother having dealt with this sort of thing a lot (10 kids), picked her up a small framed picture of a clown. I think it was an old post card that had been framed. And told her the clown would protect her from ET. It worked a trick, ET was gone in days. However. Once ET was gone the clown had “nothing to eat” and was now starting to go after my sister. We had to cremate the clown in the fireplace, moving it to different rooms or packing it away somewhere weren’t enough to convince the clown was no danger. She’s still terrified of clowns at 30.

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