Excellent prank featuring a creepy porcelain doll


I don’t think we’re the ones who decide whether those people wasted their time.


Goody-goody gumdrops for you. My mileage does vary, and that’s okay.


You can think whatever you like; and I’ll continue to do the same.


Shown below (as it would have appeared before serious, long-term use by my little sister made it even creepier) is a Suzy Q Doll, high-octane fuel for nightmares suffered by my brother and I. Comparing notes back then, he and I had separately secretly named it… The Walking Doll (as in Something That Should Not Be Walking). My worst of the nightmares had me running up a claustrophobic spiral staircase lit all along the way with disembodied, candled, Suzy Q Doll heads:

Below you see what my brother and I used one day to symbolically (and successfully) exorcize Suzy Q.
Jimmy Jet (super-excellent, super-cool jet fighter control console with spring-loaded missile-darts) and Mighty Mo (a big frickin’ cannon). My brother and I had had enough when we decided to get into sis’ bedroom while she was out, line up Suzy Q against a wall, then blast away at it. The process of talking about it and pummeling it with missiles and cannon balls actually helped my brother and I get over the anxiety created by this devil doll. I don’t know if our little sister suffered any lingering anxieties when she walked in on all the action, but we do know she wasn’t happy with what was going on. Note that Mighty Mo served double-duty as a studio TV camera whenever a much beloved family friend baby-sat us: I’d look through the cannon barrel at her while she drank coffee, call out directions, and we’d pretend to do coffee commercials. She really liked her coffee.




My kid loves this because it’s so creepy.

It says things like “come play with me” and “you dropped me, that made me angry!” with a creepy faux kid voice and weird music playing.


When my son was about three he enjoyed the film Toy Story – the movie with the moving toys Woody and that spaceman… so for Xmas we found a Woody doll for him (by scrounging on the internets, because it was no longer a current movie)

We were pretty sure he’d love it.

When he opened the package and saw Woody he turned around and ran upstairs. He would not come back down (where all the presents were) until we promised to put the doll far away in the basement.

He made us put the video tape in the basement too, wouldn’t watch it for years.

Animate dolls are creepy.


It was really creeping us out just having it in the house. It’s now on the floor of the garage. Maybe that’s why all my plant starters are failing. :ghost:


I wholeheartedly support this prank. My only gripe is that the daughter failed to go along and confessed instantly.


Nah, she just likes to move around a bit. Maybe that’s why the starters aren’t going so well.

I’d suggest moving her a little bit each day, and not telling the rest of the family…


Always remember, to make it really stick you need to pretend to panic too.


I do that with the 2 ft tall garden yeti out front, partially concealing it. That freaks people and their dogs out.

Side note about the yeti. I received it as a surplus item and was going to link to it, but holy crap. I had no idea these are sold for >$150! They break very easily so even if you’re into that kind of thing please don’t get one of these. (Zero regrets about buying the Gnome-eating Godzilla, though).

Next Halloween I should put that creepy doll in a tree out front.


We put ours on the porch where kids are sure to jostle it on halloween. Bump it, and the eye holes light up, and it starts talking and playing creepy music. It has scared more than one kid off the porch :slight_smile:




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