Mystery solved: creepy dolls on suburban doorsteps


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Poor woman. I can see how creepy and bizarre it was for the parents, but her actions were so innocent and sweet. I hope they will all go thank her in person for the well-intentioned gifts and share a laugh together over the whole affair.


It may have been a kind gesture, but it also reeks of madness. Thank goodness she’s a harmless kind of crazy.

Likely story. Have there been any sightings of James Gillies near the scene?

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Doesn’t strike me as crazy at all. We live in a neighbourhood filled with retirees whose grandchildren live far away- or are grown. They started doting on our little daughter the instant we moved there, way before we had even talked or introduced ourselves. They often leave little trinkets and toys for her on the porch in we’re not home, stuff they find around their own house and that they think will amuse her. Once we knew them, they expressed that they get wistful when they see little kids and want to surprise them and make them happy. They find their own kids’ or grandkids’ old, forgotten toys and they get nostalgic. Giving them to our daughter is a way to pass on the joy and good memories.

This woman went a tad above and beyond in her ‘secret Santa’ efforts, but I have no trouble believing it was the exact same spirit or wistful generosity at work, not insanity. I guess people will project their own experiences onto this woman’s motives; my own are largely positive.


This is why I don’t go to church.

Well, this and the atheism.


I largely blame sensationalist media outlets for the fact that the most parsimonious explanation (and probably the first thing that occurs to them) for anything out of place anywhere is always the most sinister.

In another context Mark Frauenfelder would be opining about this anonymous old-timey “Maker Granny”. Ah well.


I suspect that granny might be doing some sort of life-extension life-force-harvesting…
Have the girls been checked to see if they are still in possession of their immortal souls?


You’d think she could have at least left a note for the parents?

"Hello, I live in your neighborhood and am far from my own family. I just thought your daughter might like this doll so I have left it for her. Hope you are having a good summer.

Best wishes,
A Congregation Member."


Unfortunately, that can get more than a little out of hand when someone starts passing out lawn darts.


Or Boo.

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I once left soap carvings of neighborhood kids in a tree.


That’s what I was thinking. Boo, who was then killed by any angry mob.

A sane person would present the obviously collectable doll in person, saying “This doll reminds me of your charming daughter. Do you think she would like it?”

A weirdo leaves it on the front porch anonymously.


Some people are shy?


I like the original recorded version better than any of the live ones, even the one with Neil Gaiman. Which is weird because I’ve always enjoyed Coulton’s live show, on the rare occasions when he’s in the area.

That’s a great link. It makes me wistful, wishing someone would speak out in defence of deadly lawn darts. Too bad the NRA has its hands full keeping guns in the home, I wish they’d fight for lawn darts too.

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Some people think this woman mad. I think it is mad that we paid our police to investigate this when they are too lazy to pick up most people with warrants for their arrest.

Boo was killed by an angry mob? I think you might have gotten a bootleg copy…