Animatronic, maniacally giggling spooky eyeball doorbell


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Rather than just adding different recordings, I’d try to repurpose it as a Mad Eye Moody eyepiece.


But if they only ring the fake doorbell, how will I know that they’re at my door wanting candy?

Maybe it will scare off the younger kids, so it won’t be an issue for them.


That is surprisingly impressive for mass-produced Halloween junk. An opening and swiveling eye, plus multiple audio responses? I can understand the obsession - man, Halloween props have gotten really sophisticated in recent years. A teardown would be interesting to see, too.


They have them at Target for $10 - essentially the exact same thing in aged metal. Almost bought one, but then I thought about not having it sitting around the house. I know, party pooper.


Got mine at canadian tire its completely ridiculous but i couldn’t resist!


I was always pissed off as a kid in Australia with not celebrating halloween, it looks like so much damn fun.


I get pissed off as a adult now with the whole “but it’s not Australian!” crap when kids do.


Same. I encourage kids to do it.


Good on ya! :smiley:
I’d be well into it if… well, ya know. But if I knew anyone with kids, I’d be building all sorts of weird and cool and spooky stuff for them.

Cheering people on from the internet is the next best thing. :jack_o_lantern:


If we lived close you’d totally be able to come and hang out and dress up and give kids lollies. I often throw a Hallowhedon party.


Good theme. Great theme. :smiley:

If I could make it, I’d be there in a Bad Horse costume. :horse:


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