This has got to be the creepiest animated Halloween clown on the market


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Then the kids see it, and…


This is the animatronic scary clown that I want to have on my porch for Halloween:


needs more Halloween effects:


I don’t know… “Once again we place our trust in the idea of a president, as we have from the beginning,” sends chills of fear up my spine. Then HE SPEAKS! Aiiieeeeeee!

Lightning might be too much.


Actually, the logo on top of the price clearly says “Spirit Halloween”, so this video was filmed at one of their brick and mortar locations. Here’s a comparison:


Meh, the talking really makes it not all that scary. If it just made sounds and laughed i think it’d be creepier



$199? That’s a very reasonable price! Now to connect it to a pressure sensor so it pops out at kids with a friendly shriek! Halloween fun for all, except the youngest!


Or hide it in someone’s closet, or behind the shower curtain


Does this mean that you are not a robot?


Yeah, one thing I learned working in a record store was that little kids will dance to anything. You’d think you couldn’t dance to Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath” (the scary one with the thunder and tolling bells), but there was one kid who made a great hopping dance in time to the slow chords. Ozzy’s cries for help didn’t phase him at all.


You bet it’s creepy. It’s got orange hair!


Then throw an undulating figure in there and the kids are definitely thinking, “Hey, that guy’s dancing! I should dance with him!”
The video really made me realize how danceable the Halloween theme song is, though. There’s probably even a techno remix. (Yep, of course there’s a techno remix.)


IDK, we took the kids to Spirit last week and saw this. Looked pretty janky IRL.


I was afraid this would be another Julian Assange thread.


I was thinking that the lead clown could be far scarier if the eyes tracked people nearby. Probably unneeded for a Trump clown, since it doesn’t see people at all.




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