Gifts for Lovers


I think I’m giving my lover some new gloves.

Two additions. Both from Black Phoenix Alechemy Lab.

  1. Lupercalia scents.

  2. The Shungas aka scents based on erotic Japanese art. Rawr.


Fun Factory makes some very nice toys for adults…

And for those who live in or near Portland, OR there is no better place to shop for such things than She Bop…

I like the 55 gallon drum of lube. I suspect that giving it as a gift might result in using most of it solo though.

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How about anything from the Vermont Pleasures catalog? Actually I can’t believe y’all overlooked this…

EDIT: On a more serious note, I wish I could figure out what type of attar I kept encountering when I was in Oman. A couple of years ago, I was there for 3 weeks on business. I could smell the stuff everywhere, and since my wife was at home, it drove me crazy. I thought it was the same oil that they use to make bakhoor, but apparently this means different things to different people – the next time someone went, I told him to bring back some bakhoor, and he brought back frankincense…

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You can make the ultimate slip-n-slide…


Nicolas Cage Necklace?

Yeah, so glad I clicked on the link at work… In retrospect it should obviously have been NSFW.

Okay, entirely shameless self promotion because this is my Etsy shop but I have anatomical hearts, pink octopuses, and Cthulhu.

Totally plugging too, but you can get your VERY OWN SONG to impress your Valentine…for FREE!

Two dudes from British band Panic Island are taking people’s love stories and turning them into personalised songs to call your own. Not just that, but they also shoot a uniquely entertaining video to match.

Check it out!

Show your love and help promote literacy.
The poem that my wife received was quite (unintentionally) funny – she didn’t swoon as I had anticipated…
Valentine’s Day Music and Poem Package
Now you can share the LOVE! Let your special someone know you care with a unique poem handwritten by an 826LA student and a CD of student-penned songs covered by popular bands!

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