"late for meeting", by David Lewandowski

I’m sure I’ve never seen it before but I am sure I recognize the animations. I’ve seen some of them in Second Life as free animations. They usually get used by trolls.

Los Angeles. The Glenmary stairs on North Figueroa across from Sycamore Grove Park. Go here and scroll down a bit.

I knew it looked familiar. I pass by it on my way to the school where my wife teaches.

Thanks! It was driving me nuts, too.

That’s my bf, btw. We’re trying to arrange a cage match with the Rubberband Man from the Staples commercials.

Well, now I know what I’m doing for Halloween. (Un-)dressing as this guy and bopping on down the street whistling this tune.

Guess I better start shaving. And limbering up!


And spray painting your car…

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Well, that’s a given. How else am I to spot My Car in the parking lot? :wink:


Let alone go urban surfing?

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(I think it was) Prometheus that had a monster scene that was waaay too close to these animations and I had to turn off the movie because I just couldn’t stop laughing.

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How has this version not been posted yet? It’s superior to all others.

you guys do know who david lewandowski is…don’t you? he’s like a god in the mograph world. there’s no question or concern about quality and content.

here’s his vimeo page:

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I know I’m weird, but was I the only one who noticed that the interior shots of the store (in this case a Walgreens, you can tell by the “Balance Rewards” sign-up sign, which places the time of shooting to within the last year) didn’t match the exterior shots (a generic grocery store, likely in Ocean Park where the first video was shot)? I work for Walgreens (and I’m glad that now I’m in the pharmacy so I’ll never have to face the grocery aisle, where the guy knocked the cans off the shelf, again), so I guess I’m sensitive to the interior designs.


Aha. I thought the rest of the shots looked like LA area. I guess there must be something similar in SF that I was thinking of, or maybe I’ve seen that shot in a movie or something.

Looks like you might need to remove a few vertebrae. Keep them in a small box incase you need them later.

Of course. While he’s not making jaw-droppingly amazing effects, he also finds time to knock in a few goals for Borussia Dortmund. There’s just no end to the man’s talents.



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The camera motion is tracked so the 3D graphics look more realistically positioned. This shaky cam, annoying as it is, actually fools the eye quite well.
The CGI is obvious at times if you look at the feet and shadow, also the sparking roof doesn’t look right at all. But it IS very, very funny and thanks for the share!

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The car is CGI, look at the sparks for the signs.

Couldn’t tell whether it was CGI or clay. Or either deliberately trying to suggest the other.

It’s cute, though I find myself wishing that it had started with a scene that established this as a store mannequin that has decided to take a day off… since that’s what it most resembles, and having it step off the display would have been a nice “prover”.

Unfortunately, the two films use too many of the same motions. The new one does add some cute new ideas, but having seen it I really didn’t find looking at the older one added anything.

It looks to me like an artist experimenting with some new software he’s just bought. Learning pretty spectacularly to be honest.

Oh, it’s a fun concept, certainly. I just wish the second sample had found a few more new spins on the idea.