"late for meeting", by David Lewandowski




I’m 99.99% sure they’ve been featured here too… maybe 2-4 years ago?
I can’t find them on search either though, but I’m sure I saw it…


Any idea how this was done?


I was gonna post that. I’m 100% certain I have seen this years ago.


The previous video from 2011 was called “going to the store”, from the same author.


I’ll have what he’s having.


It’s CGI. Really really good CGI.


Yiss! I knew it!


This is obviously the result of too much drugs. Or not enough.


The Nestene Consiousness must be having a stroke


This one had a real strong tone of vintage (late 80s early 90s) sesame street short, but twisted. I love it. and yeah, that CGI is really great, and so refreshing to see really good CGI be just silly and absurd, CGI suffers from taking itself too seriously quite often.


Wow. I was absolutely sure he was an Inflate-o-Mate with wires or something.


The shot in the middle with the arched mural - where is that? I feel like it’s somewhere in San Francisco or Oakland but can’t place it and it’s driving me crazy.


I would have too, as the textures and the lighting are so clean, but the original has some more obvious CGI artifacts that reveal the process (I can tell by the pixels…)


QWOP: The Motion Picture


Exactly :smile:


What about the part where the car is sliding along the highway upside down? Those are some impressive wires…




You’re welcome. The ‘stairs’ scene is yet unmatched.


John Cleese, eat your heart out.


that’s funny, i thought the same thing. it made me think of california college of the arts in temescal/rockridge but i know that’s not it.