Examples of bad CGI collected

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See also: every episode of Andromeda.

But at least the crap CGI distracts you from the execrable scripts and atrocious acting.


Classic Roddenberry formula. I liked Andromeda because it had the Star Trek original series vibe right down to the quality of the effects.

Sort of Davey and Goliath but with CGI furries?


That Joshua movie is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

That said, here’s some bits from Sean Connery’s last role as Sir Billi, the skateboarding Scottish vet and his incontinent pet goat.


I wish I could show you mine that was on an Amiga from High School… but somehow my friend managed to partially format the hard drive, nuking it.

I still need to ask him how the hell he did that.

I had two swords fighting and wanted to make two figures sword fighting to the tune of “Gimmie the Prize” from Highlander.



Proof that if the CGI is bad enough, there’s an uncanny valley for lions too.


It did have bad CGI, but Lisa Ryder was hot!

This is the culmination of a tradition that had a little imagination, but not much. The things that impressed the early leaders of their faith sound kind of tinny and sham now. “And lo, it had seven of this thing, and seven of that thing, and seven of yet another…” Wow, this is enthralling and shows a real ability to think outside the box, provided it’s not a dice box.

They can’t understand evolution or cosmology because they don’t seem able to understand big numbers. Flashy numbers, sure. Numbers that end in some zeroes or have two or three of the same digit in them really impress them, like God is a long-distance driver amusing himself with poker hands on the odometer.

Not a complete lack of imagination, just a stunted one that thinks saying “big” over and over is more impressive than a list of actual particulars (though the Godster at least had some good lines while he was torturing his servant Job to impress Satan).

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Did he need some extra dosh for something? Only explanation for why he would do something like this.

Is there Delgo?

P.S. Has anyone noticed that the cripplingly addictive game in Star Trek: The Next Generation is basically Pokemon Go, but with only one Pokemon? Right down to the quality of the graphics!

Aye, a couple of people.


Most likely, yes, though he was also one of the producers. It was the first animated film produced in Scotland, so maybe they gave him a pitch about national pride and he signed on. He retired after it came out to a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Also note Alan Cumming as the voice of the gay incontinent goat in the Bruce Lee jumpsuit.

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Favorite moments:
1:00 - mouse inexplicably pulls two pieces of cheese from his crotch
1.27 - that cat chasing them through the kitchen
1:40 - squirming pie

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Pokemon Go is nothing like that Star Trek Episode.

Look It’s just a game. Everyone’s playing it. It’s fun!

You know what the secret is, don’t you? Don’t force it. If you just let the Pokemon happen, it almost plays itself.


This is still my favourite example of bad CGI: The Lion King… in 3D! My kids can’t get enough of it either. If I were rich I’d commission the creator to do the whole movie this way:


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