Late-stage Elvis is a wonder to behold

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I like him too! I see the Shreds videos as funny because they make the music from great performers sound awful which is a bit of a different concept of just removing the music and adding sound effects to what’s left. (Though they certainly have a lot of crossover.)

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You either die a hero, or you live long enough to become the villain.

That’s how this ‘medium’ grew as an art form, actually – it started with St. Sanders removing everything and just adding guitar back in. Then he (and others) started to add in other sounds which could be “seen”. Then the Musicless Music Videos guy added back everything ‘visible’–except anything musical. This Elvis video is a direct descendant of St. Sanders work–music is added back, with occasional visible sound effects.

At least, that is the story the archeologists and elders will some day relate.

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Sure Bruce… sure.


This is in 1970, between 1969 and 1970 he had, I believe 4 number 1s between the UK and the US, which isn’t great for a star of Elvis’s calibar I guess, but far better than you are implying. Las Vegas in the 60s and 70s had a few big names like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. It isn’t comparable to modern Vegas. This is 3 years before, Aloha from Haiwaii, a televised concert by Elvis believed to have been watched by between 1 billion and 1.5 billion people world wide. More than the moon landing. Elvis was still fairly popular in the early 70s.

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There are artist who’s talent I respect very much.
There are artists who may or may not be the best but none-the-less wrote the sound track of my life.
There are artists that are on reflection pretty bad, but I will always have a strong feelings out of nostalgia.

Somewhere on the internet, someone is saying something critical about my favorite artists. And that’s OK. My feelings for those artists and their music are personal. it’s between me and them. The views of others have no bearing on my enjoyment of what they have created.

I mention this because every time there is a post about Elvis here. Some of the regulars like him no matter what. Some appreciate his talent but are not happy with other aspects of his life and career. And some feel his negatives outweigh his talent. The full spectrum of possible thoughts on any artists. And every time. Every single time. New accounts sign up to defend Elvis more than any other artists I can think of.

So my question is. Do you folks just scan the internet every day looking for anyone that has said something less that perfect about your favorite pop star on every random message board?

It isn’t effective. Next Elvis post the same regulars will say the same thing as this time and the time before that. New gray accounts will show up to defend him and then never post again.

Just seems like there are better ways to enjoy and celebrate your favorite artist than arguing with non-fans every day on the Internet.

Anyway, welcome to Boing Boing. Hope you will stay and contribute to the many topics hosted here.


I just stumbled onto this site by clicking a random link in Google, seen a comment I disagreed with and wanted to give my 2 cents on the topic, I wasn’t arguing or defending Elvis, I was just saying what I felt about the topic.

I don’t argue about my favourite stars on the internet everyday, don’t know why you made that assumption.

And thanks for the welcome, site seems interesting, so I might stick around


That’s cool. Over the years you see patterns and wonder but never ask. For once I figured I would ask.

It’s nice here. Always something interesting to read or comment on.


Well, I personally never understood how he was labeled “the king” of rock and roll, since I didn’t care for Elvis nor his music. That said, the Kina Grannis cover of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ in the wedding scene of Crazy Rich Asians is outstanding!

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