Laura Benanti's baffling Melania trump-splains things to Stephen Colbert

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Attacking the spouse of a presidential candidate is wrong, dumb and mean. Besides, it distracts from all the terrible things Bill Clinton did.*

  • Trump 2016!

“Grab them by the billiboosh”

Instant coinage; neologism FTW


The awesomeness is beyond words. Pussyghazi will haunt the [tRump’s] justly foreever…


I think Colbert is funnier in character, but I guess that stuff worked when irony in American politics was still breathing when today’s irony has been all but decapitated by the trump train. Still a good scene.

I watched the real interview afterwards, or the first few minutes at least, and I noticed that Melania said trump never spoke to her about pursuing the candidacy–he just did it. It’s nothing more than another notch on the oh-so-long list of why trump shouldn’t be POTUS, but I was still struck by trump’s callous disregard for his wife and her privacy…even despite reading about him in a crushing article in Newsweek:

"When business executives came to his office, Trump bragged about his current wife, Melania, and showed them nude photographs from her modeling days, two bankers say. Trump encourages staff at the Trump Organization to tell him the faults of co-workers who are standing there, creating a vicious corporate environment, a former executive says.


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