Lauren Bacall, leading lady of Hollywood's golden age, 1924-2014


She didn’t need to bring sexy back. It was always with her. In spades.


Wow. I always thought of her as a figure out of distant history. It’s kind of shocking to realize that she’s my grandma’s age. Much respect. We could use more like her today.

Lauren Bacall “became best known as Humphrey Bogart’s on and offscreen partner”? What a horrible way to discount her and what she accomplished. And, really, the reverse is true: her initial prominence was not doubt aided by her debut with Bogart in To Have and Have Not, as well as their partnership going forward from there, but she’s really known as a damn fine actress.


<‘bogey>She was a classy dame.<’/bogey>


She was best known for that voice.

Wikipedia agrees


I very rarely have any reason to quote myself, but I wrote this just a week ago on another site…

"What a woman. Lauren Bacall is one for the ages. She defines the red line at the top of the scale.

She must have driven Bogart bonkers (in the best possible way.) I mean, just look at her. And besides being an archetype of beauty and sexuality, she’s freaking brilliant. Everything.

That’s evolution, doing its stuff. I could go on at much greater length, but I need a shower. And a drink."

Yes, she was breathtaking, but what I remember most is how her intellect just poured off the screen. She really was brilliant; she and Lenny Bernstein were best buds, and more than anyone else in her life, I think of them being very happy to see each other again.

He’ll have a cigarette and a glass of scotch waiting for her, and then he’ll conduct God’s own version of Beethoven’s 9th just to say “hi.”


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Oh man! I fell in love with her in To Have and Have Not and never fell out.

Most beautiful 89 year old that ever lived.

You know how to whistle, don’t you?


And she was the voice talent of the Witch of the Waste in Howl’s Moving Castle - I just love the energy and passion in her voice.

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She was so great.
I can watch The Big Sleep over and over again.

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Here’s a really good photographic retrospective on Bacall. She was just such an amazing woman.


I missed her early cinematic years, but what I loved about Lauren Bacall was her combination of confidence, humor, and wrinkles. She never looked like she was trying to hide her age or relive her “glory days.”

She seemed very comfortable in her skin and that will always be sexy.

…And I do agree with my claim.


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