Laurie Anderson sits down with Anderson Cooper

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I was fortunate to see Anderson live in Los Angeles. Once at a rare screening of ‘Home of the Brave’ on 35mm and again for a screening of “Heart of a Dog” along with a a performance of her ‘Concert for Dogs’.

She is funny, personable, and wickedly smart, and to this day remains to only celebrity I have asked for (and got) a selfie with.

Mr. Heartbreak, United States I-IV, and Big Science are in regular rotation, as well as The Ugly One With The Jewels.


Not sure if I have ALL of her albums, but I sure as heck as have most of them.

Went to one of her performances up in Vancouver, WA, and also attended an event at the Explorer’s Society (?) in Manhattan where she introduced a reading by William Gibson.


The 1st time I heard “O, Superman” I was transfixed in my teenage bedroom and I imagined it was what Europe would sound like. I’ve always been struck by how Laurie’s work is simultaneously both artsy and folksy. Always brilliant yet completely approachable.

And this album is amazing.


i wanted this interview to go on for 60 mins. or more.


Years ago I flipped out when I first heard O Superman playing at a party and have a been a fan ever since. I’ve been lucky enough to see several of her shows. The best was was in Boulder. Lou Reed was sitting a row in front of us. Later during the show she announced they’d just married that day.

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For a longer talk check out the Norton lecture series she did for Harvard:


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