Lava Lamp inventor: a World War II veteran turned ardent nudist


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I know it makes a better story, but he must have an extremely low tolerance to alcohol if he can become “drunk” while merely ordering a first pint in a pub.

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The summary and quoted section both note prominently that he was a nudist, and, you finish off with “Lots of cool photos”…


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Can you still get blubs for the old classic Lava lamps now that high output (and heat) incandescent blubs are phasing out?

Maybe it was just the first pint in that pub.

I can’t bring myself to flag it. Nudist spam, how quaint.

Learned a new word today; thanks!
While I’m at it, 20 pounds would be closer to $60 in the mid 50s. Still a good deal, though over a weeks pay back then (I was making 24 pounds a week in 1970).

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…merely ordering…? Jeepers, how drunk can he get after he drinks it?

/Um, and ‘nudist’? Don’t they prefer ‘naturist’?

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