Superheroes never sleep


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cos they are half human half aliens :wink:


Oooooo custom LED’s! Those are way better than regular LED’s, which are not custom!



I guess a Rorschach lamp would take a bit more work.


I thought this was your lead-in to selling Modafinil.


But so worth the effort, especially when you try to turn it off and it just keeps glowing. Finally you say to it “Won’t you please let me sleep?” And it stares down at you and says “No.”


Apparently they don’t menstruate, either. :confused:



These are neat looking, but are going for $20 on Amazon.


From the careful phrasing and the single photo angle, I imagine the illusion of 3D is spoiled if you look at it from any other angle than head on.


But how can this be? It says right there on the webpage that they’re “normally” $99!

Yeah, they’re completely flat, cut acrylic sheets that sit in a slot in a base unit that has a light inside, shining up on it. Thus the “3d illusion” name.


After you punch the off switch a few times it says “Do it!” and explodes. A recall notice is expected shortly.


Nah. I’ll wait until the ‘Rob-Beschizza-as-a-Hobbit’ 3D Illusion Lamps are available.


I don’t know about the “NEVER sleep” part but I do know it’s a near-impossible task to get superheroes to bed in my house.

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