Lawmakers' support for bank bailouts was correlated with their individual investment in banks

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Well, color me surprised. And here I thought they only had the best interests of the country at heart.


trump’s massive collection of conflicts of interest? I’m sure those lawmakers are gonna get right on that.


Trumpist reading: Losers with no bank holdings are just jealous and hate banks for rejecting them and wanted to see them fail. Sad.


so how much more bad can it get before the people rise up to change things? Or are we so divided it’s better to split the country and go separate ways?


But surely, healthy banks mean a healty country. Invisible hand and all that, because, uh, reasons.

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Shocking, and in other news rain is wet.

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I still believe we have a chance together, that we’re more than the sum of our parts. It’s time to work on our communication trouble, though. Splitting up won’t leave us any better in the long run if we don’t address our cultural aversion to hard, meaningful conversation.

People suffering under our current system can’t afford to wait and shouldn’t have to wait for national change to get relief from the issues our income inequality and communication issues have caused. We need to work locally now to relieve that pain. If we address those “home” issues, it’ll bring voices back into the conversation who aren’t being heard today because they’re spending all their energy and resources surviving.

We’re stronger with all our voices but we’ve never had all our voices. We’ve always been less than we could be.

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