Lawsuit: Chipotle manager "ripped off" Muslim employee's hijab

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Hateful jingoistic anti-immigrant activity at a place cosplaying as a “Mexican” restaurant.


I honestly do not have anger toward Chipotle corporate on this one. I tell people at my work, “I can only try to fix what I know about” and that applies here, too.

NOTE: A shift manager is BELOW an asst manager. So there was probably a level of “he can fire ME if I tattle” mentality there. Store manager or district manager would have been a smart escalation path.

Now, that asst manager? Total dill-hole and deserves to lose his job completely.


Oh no. They don’t get off the hook that easy. They are responsible for the actions of their managers in situations like this. Proper training should have made it crystal clear that such behavior was unacceptable and that reporting it was mandatory, even if you were reporting your own supervisor. That this did not happen here tells me Chipotle did not make that crystal clear. Their training on such matters probably was conducted with a tone of “They make us tell you this,” rather than with a tone of “At Chipotle, any discrimination or harassment of any employee or customer is entirely unacceptable, especially if it’s based on someone’s race, religion, identity, etc. We are a company whose very product would not exist without immigrants because our cuisine was created by immigrants. Any harassment along these lines will not be tolerated. Any failure to report any such harassment along these lines will not be tolerated. In short, we don’t do that here.”


Consistent harassment and discrimination over this much time places the responsibility all the way up the chain to the top. It’s up to Chipotle’s corporate leaders to address this and fully and publicly condemn this behavior. We’ll see what type of company this really is.


How is it a problem to wear a headscarf? Hair should be covered in some manner while working around food anyway!


Given this happened in Kansas, her chances of getting justice via the courts is slim to none, and as the saying goes, slim never even entered the building.

In a just world, not only would the jackass that did this be fired, Chipotle would be cutting her a fat check, and he would be unemployable as a manager for the rest of his life. But, again, this is Kansas, so he’ll probably be hired somewhere else at a higher role for “standing up to the Muslim threat.”


Is there a stated policy at your employment that encourages employees to treat all people with respect and to immediately report incidents?


Because for some bigots, it’s a physical reminder that the person is of another faith, and there fore the “enemy”… And to be fair, depending on how she was wearing hijab, it might not be completely covered…

But yeah, hair coverings should be standard in any commercial kitchen, for sure.


It’s even worse than that. It happened in Lenexa…

I’m not sure what you mean by that. Lenexa is in Johnson County. It’s one of the few (slightly) left leaning parts of Kansas. They voted for Biden in 2020. Plus, this is a federal lawsuit.


I was born and raised in the next county over (Douglas), and Lenexa is just one of those cities that people in the Northeast part of the state make fun of as a strip mall suburb of Kansas City without the prestige of Overland Park (which is the city that makes Johnson County one of the richest counties in all of America per Capita).

I should have clarified that it’s more of a regional inside joke than something that has bearing on the case.


Gotcha. Yeah that wasn’t clear. Your comment and the one you replied to made it sound like the suit has no chance of success because it’s Lenexa


Yeah, sorry about that. For the record, Johnson County is suburban Kansas City, and it is exactly one of those critical suburbs that used to be staunchly red but is turning increasingly purple these days. It’s probably not all that different from a suburb of Chicago.

Oh I know. I lived on the other side in Missouri for 11 years. Lees Summit and Blue Springs.


I haven’t lived in Kansas for ages, but it is always nice to find someone who knows the area. Growing up, Johnson County always just seemed like a bunch of WASP assholes who crowded downtown Lawrence whenever there was a KU basketball game. I guess there’s a bit of hometown pride in there (Douglas County has been consistenly blue for ages, so I am proud of that), but I do want to set the record straight that I was just throwing shade on Lenexa in jest. KC Metro is not flyover country, and so I have every expectation that this will be a fair trial…or at least as fair as one can expect in any other major metropolitan area in the US.

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