Chick-fil-A manager's list of forbidden words




Reading the postscript on the page, I’d never consider a job at a Chik-Fil-A restaurant a “professional” position.

Also, since they’re adding words, they should just add random crap. Signal and noise, brah.


Groovy, man.


Teenagers being teenagers. Maybe the problem is the manager is treating them like children instead of adults?

Also, the rapport that builds within small teams like a fast food crew is important for morale and ultimately success. This manager is going about this all wrong, maybe he should look into a career in law enforcement?


This reads like an confession of official oldness.


On Fleek?


I can’t articulate why I found this so funny, but the (stop accusing people of having ebola) made me laugh more than I have in quite some time.


“… there will be no singing or dancing to go along with that phrase …”

I. Don’t. Even. Is this guy is a total joy-suck or what?


Singing and dancing probably requires the restaurant to have a cabaret license.


Eric obviously has Ebola.


Well, he sucks something. He’s not the first bozo to completely misunderstand the shorthand rapport that develops between coworkers. Never get caught enjoying what you do; someone always resents it.


Is it just me or does anyone else feel old now?


Obviously racist. And homophobic.

The no singing and dancing is a Baptist thing, too.


If the employees are customer-facing (or even within earshot of a customer) then the manager’s not out of line at all.


Not entirely true, though. My grandfather owned his own restaurant and a certain level of familiarity between employees and customers was expected; though, sometimes that included screaming in the kitchen and throwing something metal to make a point.
Authentic Chinese cooking.


Except that his proposed penalty for scratching out words is probably illegal.

I can’t be sure about how compensation is structured at Chick-fil-A, but for many fast-food employees, that one meal per shift is part of their pay.

Imagine if his note had read “Scratch out a word and I’ll dock you an hour’s pay.”


He went after the more valuable thing.


I can’t think of a single place where there is a legal requirement to provide an actual meal during a meal break, just to provide the time for such meal.

I would definitely scratch “probably” from “probably illegal” to “might, if this is a very rare edge case, be illegal”.


This list illustrates exactly what is wrong with linguistic prescriptivism: it pretends to be defending “correct speech” but is really just an unsystematic list of things that piss the list maker off.


It is a 13-year-olds thing. I heard this last night from mine.