And if you didn't avoid Chick-fil-a already

The are going full in with BlueLivesMatter
Though I see this appears to only be Texas… which is it’s own little world.

  • Go to Chickfila
  • Order Extra Large Chicken Meal
  • Attempt to pay with Polish Zloty, Yugoslavian Dinar, Vietnamese Dongs* or similar.
  • "What?! American Dollars only? But All Currencies Matter! "

*The currency. Not the… actually, why not. Go for that, too.


Well, one Chic-Fil-A in Texas. I already had enough reason not to support the franchise anyway.

Also from the comments that particular store is getting: “Chick-fil-a is one of the only places I feel comfortable eating at when I’m on duty.”

What the hell does that even mean? That they find other eating establishments to be hostile towards police? Time to find a new profession, officer Proctor.


Damn. They make super-tasty little nugget things.

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I stopped eating at Chick Fil A ages ago, back when I was like 17 or 18; long before the owners showed the world what hypocritical bigots they are.

Their food was shitty back then, and I can’t imagine that it’s improved any over the last 20 years or so…


They were just building one here right on the way to work here in Madison. I liked them when I was in Texas before I knew about all the crazy bigotry stuff (they made the best nuggets of anybody at the time, and I think chickens are jerks and relish eating their nuggets).

Now you’re right, the bigotry sauce makes them unpalatable… no amount of revenge vs. chickenkind can offset that.

(Chickens and Earwigs are the two animals I reserve the right to be completely irrational about)


I never understood the appeal of/obsession with Chick-Fil-A. I ate there once, back in the mid-nineties, and it was the worst fast food I had ever eaten up to that point in my life.

I’ve had worse since, once, but I don’t feel the urge to go back to Chick-Fil-A to rank them properly.


There isn’t one within at least a 50 mile range of me, and I’m just fine with that.

I eat a lot of chicken too; I think as a perverse sort of ‘revenge’ for the years that I lived on a tropical island and almost all my neighbors had roosters. They do not just crow at dawn, it’s how they friggin’ “talk.”



If you ever visit Australia, Gloria Jean’s (chain of sub-Starbuck shops) “coffee” tastes similar. Filth flavoured with a strong shot of pray the gay away.


If I’m ever fortunate enough to visit Australia, I’ll be far too busy to visit such snobberies.


There was a chain of Gloria Jeans that used to around parts of SoCal in the mid-1990s (CSULB, mall in Santa Ana were just two locations I remember). I didn’t realize that this is the same brand. And yeah, the coffee pretty much sucked then, too.


Answer of the day. :slight_smile:


They make good waffle fries, but outside of that.

And Texas can leave the US for all I care. I have pretty much given up on them.

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I stopped going there because they raised the price on their chicken wrap combo to like $9. Like a year before they showed their asses to the whole world. I wasn’t willing to pay the extra money for a so-so chicken wrap with unattended church kids running around the lobby on account of their brazenly dishonest “pro family” marketing.

Cory would be proud. I wrote them a letter about why I wasn’t going there anymore. :smile: I got back a letter saying their “chaotic” lobbies made ordering more efficient. Totally missing the point.

Since I’m trans and bi and successfully quit them on nothing more than a price increase, I didn’t have much sympathy for the people who didn’t want to quit them when they did show their asses to the world.


I saw a Chick-fil-a open next to a Hobby Lobby in front of a Target. (It’s a conspiracy I tell ya.)



There are patrons of a coffee shop in Tokyo wondering why I keep giggling


I figure it’s the removal of the fingers, nuggets, and tenders that causes them the most suffering, right?

(My grandma accidentally left me in a chicken coop when I was like four. They messed tiny-me up!)


It used to be easy to boycott Chick-fil-a because I had no idea where one was. Then one moved in along the route I take to work and it’s still easy to boycott because I have no interest in going there.

I understand there are individual franchises that have sponsored Pride events, but the fish–or in this case the chicken–rots from the head. Also this:

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I had friends who would drive for a half hour to get to the only Chick-fil-a in the area; they were utterly addicted to their chicken sandwiches and proclaimed them the finest anywhere and worth the drive.

That was before they made themselves loathsome in every possible way.

That said, I understand that their chicken is, for some people, really delicious.