Pruitt tried to illegally get a Chick-fil-A restaurant for his wife because "it is a franchise of faith"


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Not that long ago an obvious gaff like this would result in a rapid resignation.


At what point do the lawsuits against this asshole start, seriously?



Pruitt doesn’t give a fuck because his boss will pardon him. You know, honor among thieves and such.


I don’t have a problem if you resign to work in your wife’s’ fast food restaurant Scottie


Looks like a cry for help if you ask me. He’s continuing to show us all that he is grossly unfit for this job and we keep ignoring his desperate maneuvers to have himself removed. Please, have a heart. Let this man go. He’s had enough.





There’s been a massive wave of various lawsuits against the EPA, mostly directed at dragging Pruitt’s scumfuckery out into the open. They are legion.


Also representatives from Chick-fil-A would be falling over each other to declare how aghast they are. Aghast!


Pruitt’s had a lot of practice - coming from the most corrupt one-party state in the country. Thinks he can get away with anything.


I’m aware.

I mean against him, personally.


God COMMANDS me to eat


By any chance, does God also command that said chicken must be over-processed, soggy and salty as fuck? Because that would explain a lot.


funny that this is why I refuse to eat there anymore


Yeah, it’s in Leviticus somewhere.


Leviticus … so creepy … a bronze-age ancestor of Stephen King novels …

Update: corrected spelling of “Stephen” – tip of the hat to @Melz2 for the heads-up.


Of course; silly me!

I haven’t eaten there since I was a teenager and just didn’t know any better, (the same goes for Taco Bell.)

Their shitty “Xtian” policy of discrimination was just yet another reason to never patronize them again.



Combined with helpful household tips! Leviticus 14:34-53 is all about what to do for household mold, very practical.