Lawsuit claims Conan O'Brien stole jokes from Twitter


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Aha! I knew Dr. Katz would get back at Conan eventually!

  1. If pilfered, it was probably someone on his writing team. People like that don’t write their own jokes any more.

  2. When it comes to current events and topical comedy, it is pretty easy to make a similar joke about something.


FRACT is a helluva drug.


I always thought something posted publicly like that automatically enters the public domain.


When you have a basic setup, some jokes write themselves. When I read the first line of the airplane joke, I already knew what the punch line had to be. And the monument joke was just pivoting off the old “shrinkage” bit from Seinfeld. The setup (which was right out of the newspaper), makes the punchline obvious. The only variable was the season of the year, which would have just been a slight variation on the same theme.


I honestly can’t tell if you’re joking. If not, then no, publishing something does not put it in the public domain regardless of the medium.

I do agree with art that the jokes are pretty obvious.


Actually Conan does (along with his team, of course). He was a comedy writer for years on SNL and The Simpsons, including the legendary “Springfield Gets a Monorail” episode.


Maybe… but five in a row? Somebody must have started up the Heart of Gold.


OH I know Conan was a writer. Jey Leno used to write his own jokes too. But when they get a full time gig like that it becomes impossible to devote time to brain storming and writing like they used to. I am sure he is still involved in the process and writes some, but all those shows are dependent on a pool of writers to flesh things out.


Ones like that? Sure.


Back in the day (he said in his creaky voice), there was a Usenet fan group for Conan. Anyway, people on the newsgroup were rabid to know if the show (the writers or even Conan himself) read the newsgroup. If you posted a joke, you were smacked upside the head because then the writers wouldn’t read the newsgroup because lawsuits. Soooo… somebody (Somebody) posted a snarky tutorial about how to write a Conan monologue, because all the damn jokes were formula jokes. The only one I can remember goes like this:

“Roseanne is fat.”
“Madonna is promiscuous.”
“Bill Clinton is fat and promiscuous.”


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