Twitter joke thieves are getting DMCA takedowns

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Your tweet “Jesus Wept” has been made unavailable due to a copyright claim by ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER


If you don’t want people taking it, don’t post it on the internet

Well, to put this all behind us, I hope we can all just have a beer and listen to my new single on youtube, “Up All Night”

…wait, never mind. I actually listened to the song just now, and even to make a point through a satirical joke I refuse to claim this piece of garbage as my own…


Twitter joke “thieves”


Twitter “joke” thieves


This vile practice is widespread.

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Christ, what an asshole.

(makes one wonder… at what point is the dividing line between “joke stealing” and a meme?)


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This is not the Internet I was looking for…
Oh, shit…

Anyway, I think those stupid morons deserve to rot in a dirty pit… DMCA has become a joke already… It is used for any Internet oppression…


On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog!


I unabashedly retell jokes without attribution.

I’ll wear that on a t-shirt if you like.


Ugh, I have had this disagreement with friends that are comics, actors, musicians, artists…

There is a limited legal construct that allows you, in certain cases, to have a monopoly on culture. It doesnt belong to you, it is borrowed. Every joke, song, sonnet, painting has already been done.

I am an artist, I know this first hand.

Furthermore, get used to these facts:

  • you write a joke and someone else pulls it off better, because training/luck/rich parents, you aren’t a comic. You are a writer.

  • someone plays a tune you wrote better than you? You are a composer, not a musician.

  • you can pull off a recipe by ferran Adria better than he can? Great, you are an expert sous chef or line cook.

And to be clear:

There is nothing wrong with that!!

. But the sooner you realize you borrow culture and don’t own it, the happier you will be. And the sooner you realize you are not special, and what you create is not unique, you will explode with joy.

Holy shit yes. Neil Gaiman wrote a great piece about how he was not ripped off by JK Rowling. He did however get to sue Impact Comics for their use of Cogliostro in Spawn.


Yeah, and he got to sue based off of an artificial legal construct. And I would do the same. But what irritates me is, “they stole my joke” or “they stole my riff”.

Nobody stole nuffink. >:)


What happened to immitation being considered the most sincere form of flattery?

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How long will it take for certain political types to cry DMCA on every tweet that pokes fun at them?

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I thought that commedy was communist comedy, for the people!

Don’t MakeMe Complain Already!

What makes joke “theft” on Twitter egregious is that simply retweeting the source would be easier, while forestalling any accusations of plagiarism. It takes extra effort to obfuscate the author’s identity by cut-n-pasting, and it’s evidence of bad intent.

Whether a one-line quip is substantial enough to deserve copyright protection is another matter. You generally can’t copyright a three-word phrase, but on the other hand, Ogden Nash’s poem “Fleas” probably should qualify, right?

Had ’em.


If Adam and Eve came back today, the only thing they’d recognize are the jokes.

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