Conan's Japanese rent-a-family is told to laugh at all his jokes

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I confess I was rented to laugh at this video.


It’s weird how people laughing at jokes that aren’t funny is actually funny.


The daughter’s understanding is perfect. It all makes so much sense, doesn’t it?


That didn’t seem very entertaining to me. It was all set up with little of the actual “family” laughing at him. And the whole bit - especially the quick shot of them in surgical masks - bordered on “look how funny other cultures are!” “People in other countries actually don’t want to spread diseases to other people. How funny!”

I thought laughter was infectious?


This was a very funny bit, but I always feel bad for Conan’s jokes at his wife (not the laughter one, the joke about her not being affectionate or kind). No need to drag your real life under the bus, buddy.

Other than that, the one hour delivery of a family on a three year contract was genuinely amusing. Good to see the show’s still popping.

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I didn’t really thing I’de be laughing when I started watching, but it’s pretty contagious .

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This is a common trope among comedians. Usually its not true, or exaggerated for comedic effect. And even if it were true i’m sure his wife knows his kind of sense of humor and its a non-issue, or she thinks its funny.



What could go wrong.


If it’s anything like his TV show, this will be hilarious until he starts to awkwardly hit on the nearest attractive female, at which point it will become too cringe-worthy to watch.

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Sure, don’t get me wrong - I speak fluent comedian, :slight_smile: - I love Don Rickles’ wife jokes, and they are brutally unkind and hilarious. Was just my reaction to this bit. I’d love to be incorrect, too.

Good COB doc where you see much of his off-camera relationships,’Brien_Can’t_Stop (alternately, you see Rickles and his wife’s knowing reaction to his sex jokes in Mr Warmth)

Back to the skit though, the part about renting a father to appease the 1970s moment where he couldnt watch Love Boat because he was yelled at for spilling food was totally clever and funny.

I hope he retains the family for the full three years!

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I think I heard this joke before


Tbh i also feel bad for people a comedian mentions/uses in their own sets or bits. Spouses, kids, friends, etc. but i would hope that they have a sense of humor about it.

This isn’t funny, at all.

And here I am, commenting for free like a sucker :frowning:


Japan? Are we still pretending it exists?


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This is just a continuation of a rich comedic tradition:

Why are they ranked? Who is ranking these people!

Does Conan speak Japanese or did they just cut out the translator relaying back and forth?