Conan's Japanese rent-a-family is told to laugh at all his jokes


Tom Green invented the youtube prank show? You learn something new every day


Conan doesn’t speak Japanese any more than he does Korean. They’re just cutting out the translator, it’s not necessary for the audience if they subtitle all the Japanese.


I think this is great. It’s the best ‘American comedian gaijin smashes his way across Japan’ since Dave Barry did it in the 80’s: funny not not racist towards the Japanese.


This Conan trip to Japan was stupid. Really, really, stupid. He’s not funny. He’s not interesting. Nobody in Japan gives a diddly about him. He look to me to be just a stupid gaijin that thinks the Japanese will laugh at his crap jokes and if they don’t get his joke then they’re missing out. Who was this for the benefit of? His dumb viewers in the states? Pure tripe.


This guy, right here, he gets it!



Jimmy Fallon is the counter-argument to that.


The show isn’t produced for a Japanese audience, is it?

Are you Japanese, or are you a foreigner calling other foreigners gaijin? Because that would be weird.

Yeah, I don’t think you are Japanese. But I’m sure they really appreciate you taking a stand here for them.



Love this show, it’s supremely weird.


If he aims hIs crap at English speaking audiences no matter where the audience is, he’s fair game. Yes, and no it’s not. Yes I’m Japanese (as if I had to prove it) and no it’s not weird to call boneheads like Fallon stupid because his production was lowest commom denominator stupid. Like, he just discovered Japan (typical Hollywood crap and they never convey Asian culture correctly) and look at all this weird Japan shit, for the benefit of his Yankee Doodle Dandy canned laughter surrogates back home. Plenty of gaijin call each other stupid, in particular North Americans. They don’t swear a Skull and Bones oath of allegiance to each other. Yup, the Japanese do need to be stood for – and stand up. While we’re at it we should arm ourselves on equal footing with Western powers, kick the US military bases out, reinstitute some swanked up 鎖国, and tell China to fuck off and stop stealing our natural resources. Fallon is really lucky you’ve got his back, eh?


Japanese media and entertainment is full of culturally insensitive stuff that makes Conan’s antics look quite tame by comparison. I’m not saying this segment is especially well written or clever, it isn’t, but you have to be one of the most culturally sensitive Japanese people I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. Dare I say, your prose has a distinctly North American tang to it. At the same time, it’s also quite rude of you to throw the term gaijin around on a foreign forum like that, but who am I telling that.

Umm, wut?

Hey, great idea, maybe you too can find a bumbling, overweight oompa loompa to stand for you and make your nation great again!

Good luck arming yourself on equal footing with the US by the way, 頑張って! Or are there any other “Western powers” I should be aware of that commit 50% of their national budget to keep a military grip on the entire world?

Who is this Fallon guy you keep talking about?

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