Lawyer charged with contempt after abandoning client: "How about I don't appear again"

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lol, the site “” is unavailable in Europe… They’d rather not show any content than disclose what they do with their readers’ private data.


Why do I get the feeling this lawyer voted for Trump?


I don’t think there is any information that would lead one to be able to surmise their political leanings.


My sister-in-law was a public defender for years. Sometimes she had to represent some people who had done some pretty crappy things, or were just difficult people to deal with. I asked her how she did it. Her response (much more eloquent than my paraphrasing) was that she believed very strongly in everyone’s right to competent counsel in court and by providing that service she was helping uphold the constitution.

She had no time or patience defense attorneys that weren’t competent.


@beschizza Your post says Shanika O’Neill, but the article says Shameka O’Neil. Both names are off. FYI.


Nice summary of the broken rules and protocol when conducting a court proceeding (over zoom.)


Somehow the book the judge is going to throw at that lawyer traveled back in time and wiped out the dinosaurs.


I know it won’t, but it would be nice if the transcript of the hearing had a line like this:

MS. DAVIS: :hushed:


This reminds me of what my criminal law professor (not my area) said [as best as I can remember]:

“We say we serve the client, but what we really do is serve the law. We use the law and we contribute to the law. Through serving the law we make it stronger where it is weak while we leverage its strengths. We accept no shortcuts because there are no shortcuts. There is only the law. It doesn’t matter if your client ‘did it,’ that is not the question the law is asking. The question is, ‘has the burden of proof been satisfied?’ That is the only definition of guilty and everything else is not guilty. Your job is to serve the law and ensure others do too. That is how you serve your client.”


Start about 4m in

4 minutes? The video is only 1:50 long.


I can’t stop laughing, this is magic! I want to see a mashup of this with the “I am not a wizard” guy and Giuliani.

I love the internet so much right now!

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The fact that Attorney Davis covers her face to hide her shock is a testament to the level of decorum that is expected in a court of law.

As for Attorney O’Neil, while I understand that public defenders are often overworked and very stressed, how the hell does she not understand the whole “the client gets to decide whether or not to accept a plea deal” thing?


What I find especially aggravating is their 451 error code.

This has nothing to do with state censorship, in fact it’s the exact opposite. GDPR is the state looking out for its citizens.


I replaced the clip, forgot to update the text.

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