Leaked FBI manual reveals agency targets innocents as informants, blackmails them into cooperating, can deport them afterwards


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/31/leaked-fbi-manual-reveals-agen.html


Not shocking from the agency that tried to blackmail Martin Luther King into commiting suicide. The FBI should’ve been dissolved/reformed once Hoover was out of the way.


American intelligence is rubbish at looking out for its own assets to a baffling degree.


But then, the informant, who used to be a nihilistic, hedonistic loser ends up learning a lot about person growth, motivation and serving their country, and the buttoned-down FBI agent learns how to loosen up, and also that his boss is secretly siphoning off funds from the pension fund, and after they right a bunch of wrongs together, they end up best friends, right? right? *eyes well up a little* RIGHT? *full-on cries* right?


Are these the same informants that are telling us that Russia hacked our elections?


I would deeply appreciate if someone could post direct PDF links to these documents.
It’s really hard to make use of them when they’re embedded in web sites without a way to download!


That is a violation of law.


Do they have a copy of the page where the FBI goad/train/“radicalize” teens into building “bombs” with materials that the FBI supplies?


Uh, no. Try again.


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