Learn how to break a glass with your voice

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I prefer to use the POWER OF ROCK!!!111!!! and blast 80’s hair metal.

I mean, if it has the kind of force field to dispel cops breaking up a party, tear down walls, etc, it can break a glass, right?

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A minor correction: he says that the material has a resonant frequency, but in fact both material properties (mostly Young’s modulus and density) and object’s shape define it’s resonant frequencies. Material itself doesn’t have resonant frequency.

The resonant frequencies can be easily computed using Finite Element modeling software, such as open source Salome-Meca & Code Aster using Modal Analysis. The result is frequencies and animations for each vibration mode - they can be quite interesting, like for example various torsional modes.

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An amp? An AMP???

Talk about skipping over the hard parts. If you’re allowed to use an amp, you could just play some damn hair metal or something. Trump speeches, sufficiently amplified, can break glass.

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Another way to break things with your voice is to tell a toddler not to go near the thing you want broken.


Simplicity itself.

  1. Record your voice onto a high-quality cassette tape.
  2. Holding the cassette by one end of the shell, strike the glass with it as hard as necessary, until the glass is broken.

Hey, presto! Now for a nice glass of… D’OHH!!

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