Learn how to jump a ball in billiards

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In HS, we used to hang out at a pool hall (all ages) after class.


That was the rule. It will mess up the table if you do it wrong, and it will mess up your buddy standing next to the table if you do it right.


Step 1: be comfortable with resurfacing your pool table.

Missed a 10x10 plate glass window by a few feet one time. Not trying to jump anything, just a little over-vigorous with a break.


And yet, let’s face it, it makes the game more fun.

This is why sometimes it’s better to play on a crappy table in a dive bar rather than a nice billiard room.


Grew up with a nice pool table in the basement. Dad would threaten an ass whoopin’ if he ever caught us jumping balls, and yet for some strange reason he was fine with masse shots which are almost as likely to rip felt. My dad was a math teacher and taught me a lot about math and especially geometry when playing on that table. I only wish are basement was a little bigger a friend had a pool table in his basement and had a ping-pong top on it and I’ll say there were many weekend battles for best of ping pong at his place.

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Interestingly they don’t come anywhere near to the felt. The mechanics were very interesting - almost like they were catapulting the cue ball. Not that it’ll do me any good since I suck at pool.

So let me get this right… the harder the shaft and the tip, the more likely I am to get a successful jump? That makes a lot of sense to me.

That’s pretty much the rule in any pool hall or pub I’ve been to.

Not being a good player (the golden window is between 4 and 7 beers) I’m more concerned about the PANTS OFF RUN AROUND THE TABLE rule if you lose without potting a ball.

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Young Ones__Mike__queue__RAW


I didn’t realize this was a skill. It’s something I seem to do without meaning to everytime I try to play pool which I am very bad at. Usually the ball jumps off the table and rolls under the cigarette machine.

Okay, never heard of that rule but I bet there were probably more than one incidences of drunk dudes with jeans around the ankles rolling on the floor next to the table.

Pants off run around the table was definetly the rules in my neck of the woods.

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